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  • Misura Perfetta by Stewart Hotston

  • Coping by Thomas Mullen

  • New Hope by JE Hannaford

  • The Singer by Phil Williams

  • Nil by Mouth by Em Jackson

  • The Streets of Wardeen by CJ Pryah

Issue 4

May 2020 edition

May 2020 edition
Streets of Wardeen.jpg

The Streets of Wardeen   by CJ Pyrah


On the brutal streets of Wardeen, survival teeters on a knife edge, and even the safest places can resultin making a deal with the devil.

New Hope.jpg

New Hope by

J.E. Hannaford


In a harsh world where life is precarious, a kind gesture might just be their salvation.



by Thomas Mullen


Grief touches us all. A story within a story that shows how writing can teach us to heal.

Nil by Mouth.jpg

Nil by Mouth

by Em Jackson


In a future changed by a viral pandemic, one woman tells the story of how the world came to be.

Image by Ina Zhynko

Misura Perfetta by   Stewart Hotston


Swordplay is an art, not just a form of combat. But when enemies clash, beauty and grace can bedeadly.


The Singer

by Phil Williams

Contemporary fantasy

Our pets are valuable to us. We love them as part of the family. Even when they behave strangely.

Short Stories
Short Stories
Image by Toa Heftiba

Helen Soraghan Dwyer

Here is the first three submissions in our poetry collection.

Two powerful pieces of poetry dealing with the subject of grief.

Ram skull.jpg

Michael A Arnold

Another of our poetry submissions. 

Two poems, the first deals with death in a very different way. The second seemed appropriate in relation to the recent

VE day anniversary.   

Portrait of a Medieval Warrior

Lee C Conley

The third submission in this edition, again two poems, by our co-founder, Lee C Conley. The first an eerie piece about an antique doll. The second explores an intense conflict of sibling rivalry. 

Active passive voice.jpg

Using active and passive voice by Phil Parker


Sustaining a clear and consistent voice in your writing is important, this article explains how to sustain the right type of voice for what you want to achieve. 

Irish Tales.jpg

My self-publishing journey by Nick Larter


Nick describes the trials, tribulations and costs of being a self-published author as well as its advantages. It's an honest and helpful insight for indie authors.

Image by Nick Fewings

Writer's Retreat

by PS Livingstone


In these challenging times we thought we needed some light-hearted relief. So we commissioned our resident laughter-maker to write us an article.

Meet the Author
Meet the Author

In this edition we meet...


Award winning author for her Winnowing Flame trilogy, Jen is also a bookseller and copywriter.

Jen talks about her inspirations, what she'd be like as a warrior and the SF film franchise she'd happily write for.

As you'd expect from Jen, it's full of honesty and humour and well worth reading.

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