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Issue 5

june 2020 edition

June 2020 edition
Short Stories
Short Stories
It Watches.jpg

It Watches 

by Lee C Conley


If you go down to the woods today... you need to be aware of the signs.

Aisling's luck.jpg

Aisling's Luck

by Niamh Bagnell


Aisling has always been lucky. But why? Perhaps a secret only unlocked through the eyes of childhood?

Long hair shining.jpg

Her long hair shining

by Simon Kewin

Ghost story

Smith spends his days searching for the lost and confused ghosts trapped in the urban decay, trying to give them release. 

Common loon.jpg

The Common Loon

by Paul D Coombs

Ghost story

Benjamin lives above a funeral directors. When whispers and wails come from beneath, he's caught between madness and grief.



by Freya Pickard


As Nya lies dying, her last thoughts are of her adopted son, Eran, who, despite his deformity, has the mark of a god upon him.

Give and take.jpg

Give and Take 

by Patrick LeClerk

Historical fantasy

An immortal who can heal with a touch must choose between using his gift to save a life or hiding it to save his own.

RPG character trope.jpg

RPG character tropes

by Phil Parker


Illustrating ways to define common character tropes, using examples by famous authors.


Creativity in the time of Covid-19

by Annabel Campbell


This virus and the lockdown it produced has seriously affected many creative people. How can we cope?

Social media marketing.jpg

Social media for writers who hate social media

by Dixon Reuel


Our social media guru explains why writers need to embrace social media if they are to sell their books.

Meet the Author
Meet the Author

In this edition we meet...

Patrick Samphire

When Patrick isn't designing websites and book covers for other writers, he's producing his own Middle Grade and adult fantasy stories. 'Shadow of a Dead God', his first adult fantasy was published last month and is a SPFBO entry. We talk about his inspirations, his latest book and its unusual form of magic.

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