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Issue 1

September 2019 edition

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The Dogs of Dreams

by Phil Williams


Rupert Thurman has dreams. Dreams where people die. 

Can he make it all stop?

If not, what will happen?

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The Curious Case of Evi Rispin by Matthew Olney


It's a desolate and lonely place and Blackmoor has a secret, one a Nightblade must investigate.

But at what cost?

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Meet The Author

The British & Irish Writing Community is a group which aims to promote the work of our members. 

Meet the Author aims to showcase the work of one of our group in each edition.


6 Truths from the Copy -Editor by Jess Lawrence


A copy editor should be more than an objective voice, it's also about maintaining a supportive relationship.


The Republic of Inishdearg by Damien Larkin

Military fantasy

Army manoeuvres in Ireland take a sudden and unexpected turn for a group of soldiers when a strange phenomenon happens.



by PS Livingstone


People hide from them, a scourge which has almost wiped out humanity. Some resolve to survive.

If they can!

Meet the Author logo.jpg

RJ Barker

Later this month, Leeds-based fantasy writer RJ Barker's new book, Bone Ships is published. So we asked him in to the office to grill him about the book, his writing and taxidermy.


A Blogger's Life

by Timy Takács


Timy is an honest and passionate reviewer and freelance editor. She explains how to build a successful blog.


Thoroughly Pucked

by Phil Parker


Robin Goodfellow is angry. William Shakespeare has disclosed a Fae secret in his latest play and it's put our hero in mortal danger. 


The Blade's Truth

by Thomas Perkins


It's ancient, it has seen much.

But the Blade of Truth continues to evolve, to witness how people change, grow, for good or for evil.

Meet the Author logo.jpg

Meet The Author

Our interviews are pleasant, friendly conversations, there's no interrogation, just questions that aim to find out more about the people behind the books. They're a chat over a cup of tea.


The Long & Short Of It

by DP Woolliscroft


Dave's hugely popular novels provide a variation on the traditional trilogy, with anthologies linking each novel. We asked Dave why he used this approach.

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